About us – Waterloo

  • 15 places
  • 1:5 child to staff ratio
  • Multi-lingual: English, Dutch and French
  • Open market pricing
  • Open 7.30-17.30 (or 18.30 for an additional fee)

In November 2016 we launched our pioneering childcare concept – quickly tagged by the news media as “Neuro Creche” – when we opened our new Daycare in Waterloo.

The internal layout, decorations, and equipment are based on scientific research into how the visual stimuli received by babies condition the development of their brains, and our designs optimise that development.

We offer a monthly activity plan which is built to provide the children with sensory experiences, fine and gross motor skills, language and social skills and other important developmental activities. We also use the D-Care tool, which details your child’s day in the daycare – after pick up, we send you an email which tells you what time your child was changed, when they ate and other important details of their day.

We employ staff speaking at minimum English, French and Dutch, so that children are exposed to all languages throughout the day. English is the main language of the daycare, in addition we invite parents to specify which language they wish us to use with their child in one-to-one situations. Proven scientific research showing that early multi-lingualism increases and accelerates brain development.

The Waterloo daycare is an extension of the ISF Waterloo International School’s Preschool section, in a beautifully renovated and landscaped part of Oranje House within the existing school campus. Our daycare receives up to 15 children aged from 6 weeks old, and is open from 07.30 until 17.30 (or 18.30 for an additional fee).

At the end of their journey in the daycare, the children are welcomed from 2,5-years-old to our Pre-school at ISF Waterloo International School

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